Virtual Reality Training for semi paralysis

About us

Rehago is a Virtual Rality App that offers the half paralyzed independet, affordable and motivating training. Thanks to its mobility, you can use it in hospital or at home.

Our Mission

Enable the millions of half-paralyzed people worldwide to get back to an independent life faster.

We offer

  • motivating games
  • guided training
  • independent excercising



Our system is based on games to motivate you to train regularly.

Track Progress

See your progress immediately and in a way that is easy to understand and share with friends and therapists.

Use your potentials

With our system you can train more often and even at home. This supports your healing process.

Active Training

You can only progress with correct and concentrated training. This makes you train efficient and effective.


Philipp Zajac - CEO

Johannes Höfener - CTO

Anika Ochsenfahrt - COO

Melanie Schweis - CDO

Partners and Awards


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