Rehago motivates patients with training in Virtual Reality, to regularly train at their best performance.

This supports patients in their autonomy and enables them to get back to their normal life faster.

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Competitive Advantage

Using consumer hardware enables us to stay updated with cutting edge technology and to keep development costs low at the same time.

In contrast to current therapy methods like the mirror-therapy, we do active training with thrilling games. Therefore, patients can train at least 6 times longer than therapy sessions are today. So, the total rehabilitation will decrease significantly, which will save expenses for hospitals and the health care system. This is an advantage over exoskeletons as well, because they can only be used in the clinics and are much more expensive.


Our system is based on games to motivate you to train regularly.

Track Progress

See your progress immediately and in a way that is easy to understand and share with friends and therapists.

Use your potentials

With our system you can train more often and even at home. This supports your healing process.

Active Training

You can only progress with correct and concentrated training. This makes you train efficient and effective.

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